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COSCA Registered

About Me - Roslin Macdonald, Clinical Lead

‘Who am I?’ What an interesting question!

Roslin Wright - MAC Counselling Friends, colleagues and clients would say I am ‘passionately curious, highly intuitive, warm, empathic, like a dog with a bone, down to earth, inspiring, insightful, straight talking and funny’. Generous words!

I on the other hand experience myself as ‘a happy, loving and intensely curious woman, passionate about people and constantly seeking knowledge, wisdom, mastery and connection’.

These two very different answers reflect that I cannot truly know who I am unless I allow myself the joy and the pain of being in relationship – irrespective of whether it is intimate, social or business in nature.

I believe that I offer my clients a unique, relaxed, empathetic yet professional relationship in order to help them to understand and accept who they are, while giving them tools and strategies to manage the many challenges that they may be facing in life.

Experience and Training

My studies include a Diploma in Counselling and Relationship Coaching. I am a registered Practitioner Member with COSCA (Counselling & Psychotherapy in Scotland) as well as being a COSCA Certified Clinical Supervisor. I also receive regular Supervision for my work ensuring client anonymity is maintained throughout. My own personal development continues through attending workshops and professional development courses.

In addition to my Counselling training my business background in financial services included Sales, Accountancy, Relationship Management, Team Building, Mentoring and Personal Development across a number of different areas. As a result, I am acutely aware of the pressures of the commercial and corporate world as well as the impact of inter-personal relationships on our ability to perform, create and be happy. 

Initial Appointment

To arrange an initial appointment please visit our appointment page. On contacting you we will arrange a date and time for an initial appointment. All messages and calls will be treated in strictest confidence.

Please note that both our e-mail accounts and mobile answer phone service are only accessed by your Counsellor/Coach.


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