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COSCA Registered
Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a referral to come and see you?

    No - the most usual route to get counselling is self-referral, where you contact me directly and we agree to meet and discuss what you feel you need. However, I also take referrals from Doctors, Psychiatrists, other Medical Consultants, Private Medical Insurance Companies and Employee Assistance Programmes.

What's the difference between Counselling & Coaching?

    The fundamental difference between counselling and life coaching is that counselling usually investigates the roots and causes of problems, whereas coaching focuses mainly on the future to encourage personal-development and self-improvement.

Who do you work with?

    We work with men and women of all backgrounds and sexualities with individuals, couples, families, teenagers and groups.

What can I expect at my first session?

    This will be an opportunity for both of us to get a sense of each other. It will also be a chance for me to gather some detailed information on your background and what has brought you for counselling. You will need to commit to a session, usually weekly at a time that suits us both, and be prepared to talk about yourself. The purpose of the session is for you to be curious and to understand yourself better. It my take some courage to face difficult issues that you may not have ever talked about before.

How long is a session?

    Sessions last around 50 minutes for individuals. For couples the first session is generally 90 minutes long and subsequent sessions are usually 60 - 90 minutes.

How long will Counselling last?

    There is not a typical time for someone to be in counselling – this will depend on what you bring, what you would like to work on and in what depth. Short-term Counselling tends to be anything from eight weeks to a year or more. We will decide between us how long we think your sessions will last.

How much do you charge?

    All our fees are detailed on the fee page of the website. Our fees are reviewed each year and also depend on where and when we arrange to meet.

If you have genuine financial difficulty that may exclude you attending therapy, a form of sliding scale exists where fees are negotiated according to what you can comfortably afford. If the financial situation should change at any time during therapy, it is assumed that the fee would be re-negotiated.

Why go privately?

    NHS counselling through Doctors surgeries is often time-limited and you may have to wait a long time to see someone. Usually counselling is not offered on a weekly basis and you are unlikely to have much choice about who you see, when you see them, or the approach they offer.

Do you contract with your clients?

    Yes. The contract covers issues such as confidentiality, cancellation policy, etc. If we are both happy to continue after the first session we will ask you to sign the Contract. We have found that a Contract helps clients feel safe and happy to work with me. A copy of a contract is available on request.

What is Relational Coaching

    We help all sorts of people in all sorts of situations. We can help you whether you’re in a new relationship, in a long-term relationship, or not currently in a relationship at all. We help with large relationship threatening problems to issues that just make things a little less than perfect. Even if things are going perfectly for you, we can help keep things that way.

Relationship Coaching can help you talk things through and move forward. It doesn’t matter if you’re married, living together, single, gay or straight we are here to help you.

Qualifications and Registration

  Roslin trained with Vital Connexions gaining a Diploma in Counselling and then subsequently trained as Relationship Coach. She is a Registered Practitioner Member of COSCA Scotland’s Professional Body for Counselling & Psychotherapy and abide by their official Code of Practice and Ethics. She will also receive regular supervision as stipulated by COSCA. You can view her registration details on the COSCA website or by following the link below.  Roslin is also a qualified COSCA Clinical Supervisor.

COSCA Registration Details - Click For Details

Details of COSCA’s Aim and Core Values:


As Scotland's professional body for counselling and psychotherapy, COSCA seeks:
• to advance and support all forms of counselling, psychotherapy, and the use of counselling skills
• to promote high quality counselling supervision and continuing professional development for all individuals and agencies delivering counselling services and education in Scotland.

Core Values:

COSCA believes that every client has a right to:
• be able to make informed choices about counselling and psychotherapy services
• have access to an assured quality service
• have access to a suitable complaints procedure

COSCA believes that every counsellor, psychotherapist and user of counselling skills in Scotland should:
• adhere to an established ethical framework for good practice in counselling, psychotherapy and counselling skills
• be an individual/organisational member of an appropriate body
• have appropriate training
• have easy access to a full range of fairly priced professional support

Complaints Procedure

Roslin Macdonald is a Registered Practioner Member of COSCA and abides by the COSCA Statement of Ethics and Code of Practice. Where the complaint is against her as an individual member of COSCA, the complaint can be submitted directly to COSCA.

How to complain
Normally, the complaint must be made in writing using the Proforma for Submitting a Complaint to COSCA and within the procedures laid down in the COSCA Complaints Procedure (see under ethics). The proforma can be obtained from COSCA. This must be completed and sent, signed, dated and marked ‘private and confidential’ to the Chief Executive, COSCA (Counselling & Psychotherapy in Scotland), 16 Melville Terrace, Stirling FK8 2NE. A complaint can be submitted within 3 years of the alleged breach of the COSCA Statement of Ethics and Code of Practice.

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