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If you can't change a situation, change your mind.

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Things were going according to plan, until they weren't…. You have second-guessed all of your choices and assume that everyone else has it all figured out. You count the ways you feel cheated: 

  1. Your job has started to lose its luster; 
  2. You don’t have the bank account you want;
  3. You don't like the way you feel on the inside, which translates to how you feel about how you look and how you act. 
  4. You are moody and irritable ... a lot. 
  5. You are tired of seeing friends’ accelerating through life while each day feels like a challenge to overcome. 
  6. You are sad from top to bottom and from the inside out.

If you recognise any of these statements to be reflective of your life then if you can’t change a situation maybe its now time to Change your Mind?


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