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Rena Anderson

Health & Wellbeing Coach

Who am I?
Rena joined the health and wellbeing sector as a Coach in 2019 and her journey to date has been incredible, leaving her extremely hungry for opportunities where she can use her learning to work alongside others to support and enable them to achieve positive outcomes in their daily lives.

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Locations in Glasgow, Clydebank and Newton Mearns.
About Me
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Her Approach

Having found a new interest for life and work that creates a sense of wellness she wants to share this with others.  Her passion for her work means she is continually researching and learning by examining case studies and best practice so she can best serve her clients.

Her desire for working alongside others, at a time of need, is underpinned by her strong sense of self where she would describe herself as trustworthy, reliable and compassionate with an excellent track record of success across all her work.

As a Certified Life Coach from the SNHS (School of Natural Health Science) I use a self-management approach to health and well-being improvement providing clarity, direction, and positive support for my clients.  I encourage a reciprocal relationship between physical, emotional and social well-being with a particular focus on nutrition and physical activity. This approach helps clients identify any areas requiring growth in order to live the best life available to them.

By gaining and understanding of the level of individuality within each and every person and recognising ‘one size does not fit all’, I use a strengths-based approach to unlock clients’ unique blend of skills and strengths. By identifying where growth is desired, setting goals and objectives, reflecting on progress and holding accountability, clients are then able to move forward and live the life they deserve.

I am a strong advocate of self-management, where my clients are enabled and empowered to take control of the pace and direction of their own journey.

I bring a peer element to my role, with a lived experience of mental ill health, and subsequent recovery, affording her invaluable insight in to the potential common struggles and setbacks experienced when we embark of a journey of self-discovery and recovery.   My desire is to help clients live their best life, by bridging the gap between where they are now, and where they would like to be.

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