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Laura Thomson

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Who am I?
‘People would best describe me as a warm and open person who genuinely cares. My goal as a therapist is to offer people a safe space with absolutely no judgement, to allow you to feel completely comfortable as we work through issues together. I’m passionate about living life to the fullest and my personal goal is to help others find true joy in their everyday life.’

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Locations in Glasgow, Clydebank and Newton Mearns.
About Me
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Her Approach

Laura’s corporate background has given her a deep understanding of the pressures and stresses that life can bring. Keeping on top of everything can be overwhelming, and her desire is to help clients to make sense of difficult situations and allow them to have peace and joy in their lives.

Laura’s training background is focused on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). CBT is a talking therapy that can help you manage your problems by changing the way you think and act. It's most commonly used to treat anxiety and depression but can also be very useful for other mental and physical health problems.

‘I believe CBT can be very helpful and effective in working through presenting issues and allows clients to learn coping tools which they can use forever. I also have an interest in the Psychodynamic approach which looks back at childhood and helps clients to understand issues that they may have in adulthood which may have originated when they were younger.’

Experience and Training

Laura is completing her Diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy at The Glasgow Cognitive Therapy Centre in Glasgow, having previously gained the COSCA certificate in Counselling Skills.

Laura is also a Member of COSCA.

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