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Nicola MacGregor

Senior Counsellor

Who am I?'
"A big question and a journey of discovery I mostly enjoy!  People who know me best say I am an open, authentic, warm and a compassionate person. I am adventurous, courageous, and determined with an inquisitive element to my personality. Being like this I thrive on the challenge of gaining insight into patterns of behaviour which can affect life and living. My focus in my client work is to offer acceptance, honesty and to develop understanding for each unique individual."

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Locations in Glasgow, Clydebank and Newton Mearns.
About Me
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Her Approach

"Preferring to work in the Psychodynamic Approach, I understand that past life experiences can influence how we live in the present.  Working to meet my client’s needs in this approach may involve inner child work including exploring unmet childhood needs. From experience this process may be difficult yet highly rewarding, leading to a more fulfilled life.Appreciating the uniqueness of each client, I endeavour to provide a safe and appropriate experience in the therapeutic work while giving my client full owner ship and autonomy in our work together."

'I would describe myself as someone who places importance on the centrality of my relationship with a client.  I believe in people, and it is my experience that when a client is held in a safe, trusting, and empathic relationship their capacity to explore past experiences is enhanced, the unfinished business and unresolved issues from their past and the influence they have on the present helps them to move forward.’

Experience and Training

‘I have graduated with a Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling (a CPCAB and BACP qualification).  I am a Registered Member of BACP and currently working towards Accreditation.’

‘I regularly undertake Supervision for my work and enjoy and value the challenge and support that this provides, promoting my capacity for reflective practice and helping me to develop and evaluate the effectiveness of my practice.’

‘I am enthusiastic and committed to the adventures of ongoing personal and professional development, including keeping up to date with research studies and attending specialist workshops regularly.’

Some Recent Feedback
"Thank you Nicola for providing the space with warmness, kindness, and compassion. Through holding this space, I was gently guided towards my inner emotional world and made contact with the unexpressed and unconscious parts of me. Nicola has a great way of listening attentivelyand reflecting back what is present. Through this way I gained insights about my own reactions, fears, and actions towards my life situation. Nicola helped me by growing my awareness to these parts of me. Through talking and drawing I was able to visualise my fears and anxieties. Nicola helped me to empowermyself, by bringing awareness to these parts and how to take care of them. I would recommend Nicola and MAC counselling without hesitation, bringing clarity, peace and awareness to one’s life situation and self".

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