MAC Team Coordinator

Lisa Mulholland

Business Manager

Lisa Mulholland is our business manager for our busy Counselling and Coaching Team. She will arrange client appointments, responds to any queries on the phone and by email, and supports the effective running of our busy therapy centres. From Continual Personal Development events, group training, fund raising for the charities we support and to room usage. Lisa ensures the smooth running of the centres different locations.

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Locations in Giffnock, Newton Mearns, Clydebank and Aberdeen.
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Your First Point of Contact

As she will be your first point of contact with MAC Counselling and Wellbeing, Lisa will treat all enquiries and conversations with the same respect and confidentiality as our counsellors and coaches.

Lisa is passionate about health and well-being. Having undertaken counselling skills training and working in the beauty industry for over 20 years, running her own businesses, she has enjoyed meeting people and building trusted relationships with clients.

Some recent feedback:
“Lisa made me feel at ease and I felt relieved having made the firststep by calling MAC Counselling to arrange my first session”‍

“Even talking to Lisa on the phone made me feel better, I was so nervous topick up the phone.”

“Lisa helped me to get an appointment for my son very quickly and kept in touchwith me every step of the way until his session, she even called the next dayto check in with me.”

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What is trauma?

‍What if I said we have all experienced Trauma? This is a bold statement but there are misconceptions around the use of the word ‘trauma’- what it means and what society deems to be a ‘trauma.’ When we consider the Greek origins of the word ‘trauma’ meaning ‘wound,’ we may find we can reflect less upon what may or may not be considered to be a trauma and more about what has created wounding in our heart and soul?This blog looks at The 3 Es of Trauma – The Event, TheExperience and The Effects. My intention is to offer a perspective which is person-centred and focused on the uniqueness of trauma for each individual.

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Couples/Relationship Counselling

Couples Therapy and why it helps

How can I help? When was the last time someone asked you this question? And when was the last time you asked someone this question? If I were to ask you this question in the context of a relationship: how can I help you in your relationship? I’m curious what your response would be. I may not know your response but what I do know is that it is a valid response and there is a place you can receive that help.

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Open to possibility.....The power of coaching

This July I will be 57 years old, 57! No idea where the time has gone (..oh apart from a pretty full-on career in financial services, bringing up a family, all the usual helping out at clubs, helping my husband run his own business, various qualifications etc. etc.) By a somewhat happen chance my boss decided to give four of us in the opportunity to go on a coaching course. I causally said “why not?”, thinking it was a couple of days in a classroom with a bit of light essay writing. It turned out to be a fairly academic, self-led Level 7 Certificate for Senior Executive Coaching and Mentoring which took over a year to complete, including practical coaching hours. At the same time, I was taking part in quite a challenging senior development program as part of which I was provided with an executive coach.

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