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January 11, 2023

Second 8 Week Wellbeing Programme is launching in March 2023

Each week will focus on an important theme of wellness and will give you the opportunity to find new ways of looking after yourself - we'll focus on Self-Care, Stress-Management, Nutrition,Mindfulness, Meditation and many more. 

Our Aim

Our aim will be to help you relax as you take some time for yourself, we want you to leave feeling refreshed, recharged, energised, with renewed purpose and reconnection to yourself. By understanding your stressors, it helps ensure that you arethen equipped to make positive changes in your life.

Here are some of the practical ways taking part in this programme can help:

·      Building your confidence and self-belief.

·      Empoweryou to take responsibility for your life and happiness.

·      Helpalign your mind, body and soul.

·      Enablesyou to have more clarity on what you want from life.

·      Improvesyour relationships by starting with the relationship you have with yourself.

·      Helps youunderstand your sense of purpose and meaning.

·      Can help if a personal growth plan is needed.

·      Create agood work/life balance.

Who is it for: Adults interested in exploring ways to improve emotional wellness
When: 8 sessions, every Thursday, beginning 2nd March @ 7pm-9pm
Where: The Wellbeing Hub, 14 Rogart Street,Glasgow, G40 2AA.

What's included...

·     16 hours with like minded people in a relaxed and fun space

·     Expert input on subjects that matterto your emotional wellbeing

·     Educational and practical exercisesto cater to all which will help both you and your relationships

·     Lifetime access to bespoke learning materials

·     Access to ongoing support

·     Time for self-reflection and interactive experiences

·     Tea, coffee and other refreshments


All of the above for only £180 per person.

As places will fill up fast, please secure your place on this unique and exciting opportunity, by emailing

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