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April 12, 2023
Group Wellbeing

8 Week Wellness Programme



This program will be led by Highly Experienced Therapists for 2 hours per week for only £30 per session!!!!

Following on from our very successful, program in October 2022, we are excited to be offering existing and new attendees the opportunity to join  us on our continued journey towards Wellness!  
Each week will focus on an important theme of wellness and will give you the opportunity to find new ways of looking after yourself.  Take the first step towards a happier you and sign up for  our 8-week Wellness Program today! It’s time to prioritise yourself and take control of your wellbeing.

Your health and wellbeing don’t just revolve around what you eat and how you exercise. There are many more aspects that go into your overall wellness than you might expect. Each one of us lives uniquely, with different ways to take care of ourselves and different experiences that ultimately make us who we    are. Each of these individual pieces of life plays a fundamental role in our well-being.

We will be focussing on the "12 Dimensions of Wellness” throughout the 8 weeks which includes: Self-Responsibility & Self Love; Breathing; Sensing; Eating; Moving;    Feeling; Thinking; Work & Play; Communication; Intimacy; Finding meaning and Transcending. 

Who is it for: Adults interested in exploring ways to improve emotional wellness
When: 8 sessions, every Thursday, beginning 4th May @  7pm-9pm
Where: The Wellbeing Hub, 14 Rogart Street, Glasgow, G40 2AA. 

This calming space is located a short distance from Glasgow City Centre

What's included...

§  16 hours with likeminded people.

§  Expert input on subjects that matter to youremotional wellbeing.

§  Educational and practical exercises to cater to allwhich will help both you and your relationships.

§  Lifetime access to bespoke learningmaterials. 

§  Access to ongoing support.

§  Time for self-reflection and interactive experiences.

§  Tea, coffee and other refreshments.


All of the above will be lead by Highly Experienced Therapists for 2 hours per week for only £30 per session!  

The Total cost for the 8 week course is only £180.

As places will fill up fast, please secure    your place on this unique and exciting opportunity, by clicking this    link
A deposit of £30 will secure your place which can be paid via bank transfer to MAC Counselling, Bank Account Number: 05252197, Sort Code: 60-83-71


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